SRD Building Corp is Going Green


Given SRD Building Corp’s long history of building with quality craftsmanship and modern technology, it is no surprise that they are the frst builders in Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club to build a Green Home!  This new 5 bedroom and 5.2 bathroom home has 9,568 square feet of total area and will have multiple “Green Building” certifcations under the Crystal Quality Built SM umbrella including; LEED®Home, Fortifed…for safer living®, ENERGY STAR®, Florida Green Home and Florida Water Star SM.

The benefts of a Green Home are numerous: lower energy consumption, reduced and responsible water usage, improved indoor air quality and preservation of the environment for future generations.  One example of energy savings is in solar water heating. In Florida, where it is sunny most of the year, a properly sized solar water heating system can supply almost 90% of the home’s hot water. Also, through the use of high quality insulations and ultra-effcient air conditioning systems, you can lower your energy consumption by up to 40% or 50%, all while providing cleaner and healthier air quality throughout the home.

293 Fern Palm Road in Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club grew out of SRD owners’, Scott and Steve Dingle’s, realization that they could take the next step in utilizing the quality building practices and techniques that they have been refning for years to build Royal Palm’s frst Green Home. With the soft green exterior color, the LEED®Home certifcation and SRD Building Corporation’s signature, this is sure to be one of the fnest homes ever built in Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club! Wouldn’t any buyer want to know that they are buying a home that is environmentally responsible, extremely energy effcient and healthier to live in? Please visit

If you would like more information on 293 Fern Palm in Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club, please contact David W. Roberts of Royal Palm Properties at 561-368-6200.


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