SRD Building Corporation
Creating Luxury Residences in Boca Raton Since 1991

By Phil Scruton

2005-Builder-Architect SRD-BUILDER-ARCHITECT-WEBThe best builders do very little advertising. Their work sells itself.

Satisfied clients who keep coming bak and refer others are the purest form of advertising, and that’s all the best builders need. Scott and Steve Dingle of SRD Building Corporation in Boca Raton are among south Florida’s ver best custom home builders. Sure enough, they have grown and prospered by example and word of mouth alone.

If Scott and Steve were to commission an advertising campaign, it wouldn’t need to say much more than “Twenty-five luxury residences built in Boca Raton’s Royal Palm Yacht Club since 1992.” Anyone familiar with Boca Raton and the world famous residential enclaves it boasts knows and admires the Royal Palm Yacht Club. Successful, discerning, demanding people have been building dream homes there for years. That Scott and Steve have found so many customers within this elite community is testimony to their ability to satisfy those accustomed to the finest craftsmanship and maximum value.

If Scott and Steve were to solicit testimonials, who better to ask than a developer who has undertaken three projects in the Royal Palm Yacht club – all with SRD Building Corp?

Allan Behm of Tropical Design has vast experience in the building industry. “I have admired Scott and Steve’s work in Royal Palm Yacht Club for years,” he says. “They’re easy to work with, fair, and they produce an excellent product. That’s the highest praise I can give.”

John Goltra is, himself, a sixth-generation builder who moved into Royal Palm from Jupiter. “When we checked SRD’s references, we couldn’t find anyone with a bad word. It’s been a pleasure doing business with them. I personally visited the job three times a day and there was never a time when they weren’t right on top of it. The quality of tradesmen was excellent, and the people directly on SRD’s payroll were number one. There was tremendous attention to detail. It’s a pleasure to recommend them.”

Scott and Steve are virtual south Florida natives who got into the business through their father, a Lutheran pastor. He built his family’s homes, including a summer home in the Keys on which Scott and Steve cut their teeth. Eventually , they spent their summers working in the building industry, went on to get their general contractor’s licenses – and never looked back.

Since beginning SRD in 1991, most of their work has been high-end luxury residences along the Intracoastal Waterway, including 25 projects in Royal Palm. Increasingly, they specialize in knocking down existing structures in the now 35-year-old community and erecting new custom-designed homes. “Many luxury home buyers are discovering the limitations of remodeling,” says Scott. “With new construction, you are getting exactly what you want. And certainly you are getting more for your money in regard to resale value with new construction. Usually the best you can hope for in remcodeling is to get your original investment out. With new construction, you’ll see investement dividends of 15 to 20 percent or more.”

Starting from scratch allows SRD to do what it does best – enable clients to realize their dream homes. “I personally like for a client to find a piece of property then let us maximize the home’s exposures and views, be they waterfront views or golf course views or any other sort. As for designs we work with, we’re presently doing contemporary projects, Mizner-accented projects and many others, so we’re comfortable with a great deal of diversity. The important thing is that we take the individual client’s taste and help make that a reality rather than pushing our own tastes. Our job is to enhance the clients’ conceptions so that the home is all they imagine and more.”

One of the keys to doing that, says Scott, is maintaining a topflight roster of subcontractors capable of doing the sort of work on which SRD has built its reputation. “I compare it to maintaining a championship football team. Once you have the right people in place, you keep them. All of our subs have attained the quality goals and standards that we insist on. It doesn’t happen overnight, but we certainly have a championship team of subcontractors in place.”

An unblemished reputation, loyal and highly skilled subcontractors, and a tradition of satisfied customers in one of the world’s most admired residential communities – these are qualities that stem from motivations more complex than profit.

“What I really enjoy,” says Steve, “is the building process and seeing somethign start at ground level and grow thruogh completion. I really enjoy that experience of seeing something substantial that my company has built from scratch. Driving customers around and showing them all the different projects we’ve completed is a source of great pride and satisfaction to us. It’s something tangible that you can see and touch, that validates all the hard wrok we’ve put in through the years.”

For buyers with a commitment to their own unique vision of a dream home, SRD Building Corp., its owners and employees stand ready to make the dream a reality, as they have for south Florida’s most discriminating customers. Call Scott and Steve Dingle at (561) 395-2150 or check out their Web site at and let them show you the joy and satisfaction of a custom home built by the best.

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