Building Green

Given SRD Building Corporation’s long history of building with quality craftsmanship, modern technology and Green practices, it is no surprise that they are the first builders in the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club to build a certified Green home.  This custom luxury home won “GREEN HOME OF THE YEAR” through the Gold Coast Builders Association PRISM Award! The benefits of a Green home are numerous:  lower energy consumption, reduced and responsible water usage, improved indoor air quality and preservation of the environment for future generations.  One example of energy savings is in solar water heating.  In Florida, where it is sunny most of the year, a properly sized solar water heating system can supply almost 90% of the home’s hot water.  Also, through the use of high quality insulations and ultra-efficient air conditioning systems, you can lower your energy consumption by up to 40% or 50%, all while providing cleaner and healthier air quality throughout the home. The concept of building Green is not new to SRD.  They’ve been implementing many Green building practices over the years, including the use of:  reclaimed and engineered building materials, appliances that run on natural gas, high quality and efficient spray foam insulation, high efficiency air conditioning systems, energy saving fixtures and light bulbs, reclaimed irrigation water with rain sensor overrides and recycling of 80% of construction debris.  In addition, details such as the orientation of a home and landscape to use or deflect natural light are considered when designing a home.  SRD Building Corporation makes a strong effort to use and implement all of the above, while maintaining a superior level of quality and overall customer satisfaction. “We at SRD strive to be responsible with the blessings of the creation that was entrusted to all of us.” – Steve Dingle, Vice-President.

This home in the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club grew out of SRD owners’, Scott and Steve Dingle’s, realization that they could take the next step in utilizing the quality building practices and techniques that they have been refining for years to build Royal Palm’s first certified Green Home.  This 5 bedroom with 6 full and 2 half baths home has 9,209 square feet of total area and has multiple Green Building certifications under the Crystal Quality BuiltSM umbrella, including; LEED® for Homes, Fortified…for safer living®, ENERGY STAR®, Florida Green Home and Florida Water StarSM. This SRD Signature Home with its multiple green certifications, including LEED® for Homes and “GREEN HOME OF THE YEAR” award, is one of the finest homes ever built in the Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club!

GREEN FEATURES PAYING YOU BACK ON YOUR INVESTMENT Reduced Energy Consumption • Home Exceptional Energy Performance ENERGY STAR® rated • ENERGY STAR® Thermal Bypass inspected • Solar powered hot water heater • Natural gas supplied to house • High efficiency 4-zone air conditioning system • ENERGY STAR® rated appliances • Energy smart spray foam insulation and air barrier system which reduces energy loss • Energy efficient extra high impact windows and doors • Reduced and responsible water consumption • Effective hot water distribution, supplies hot water on demand • High efficiency plumbing fixtures • User friendly water shutoffs • Efficiently designed irrigation system with rain water sensor overrides • Municipal recycled water irrigation system • Site promotes retention of rain water runoff • Improved indoor air quality • State-of-the-art fresh air ventilation, filtration and dehumidification system • Automatic exhaust systems in bathrooms, kitchen and garage that vent to exterior • Spray foam insulation which minimizes intrusion of outdoor allergens and pollutants • Central vacuum system exhausted to exterior for indoor contaminant control • Preoccupancy fresh air home flush • Environmentally preferable products used throughout home • Home built to withstand 160MPH winds, 20MPH over code • Carbon monoxide/gas detectors and heat sensors • Non-toxic pest control